Wednesday, 4 December 2013


Precious memories that clearly come to mind AGAIN, are those of the exciting times we shared as family-playing snakes&ladders, monopoly or scrabble! The heightened emotions! The competitive atmosphere! The sweet taste of victory! It's amazing how 'effectively' those games could divide us into alliances and rivals in just a matter of seconds! Some real life lessons on handling success and defeat were definitely learnt during the process!Oh my, WHAT FUN TIMES WE HAD!

Board games are a great way of bonding and spending quality time together as a family or among friends! Besides being so much fun, a lot is also learnt during the process. For instance, Monopoly gets you clued up in the world of property and trading, chess teaches you 'strategy' and scrabble builds your 'word knowledge'. 

Playing a board game is a very interactive, captivating and hands on activity that can replace hours spent in front of the TV or playing with video games. Amidst all the hoo-haa and fun, board games play a significant role in your child's cognitive development! 

Nowadays there is such a wide variety of board games available on the market and all age appropriate too! Create unforgettable childhood memories for your kids of quality times spent together as a family playing games!!

What games do you play in your home? What's your child's favourite board game? What was your favourite board game, growing up? What benefits have board games bought about in your home?