Sunday, 5 January 2014


If your kids are at the stage where they are starting to learn numbers and the alphabet - where they can color in, trace, cut and paste (which is probably anything from the age of three or four), then a 'collective' and fun way to get them to develop in these and other areas would come in the form of an activity book!

My daughter has ENJOYED learning to add and subtract by using activity books.  The approach used in these books is so creative and enjoyable that a child actually finds fun in 'work'. Some of the activities in these books actually include a lot of popular TV, movie and Disney characters, which make them even more 'alluring' for kids.
Activity books have saved me the effort of coming up with different exercises to keep her mind stimulated during school holiday breaks. They have also saved me the headaches of researching and figuring out what's appropriate or not appropriate for her age.

Activity books come with many 'activities' a child can enjoy, whilst developing cognitively in the process. These include:
- dot to dot activities
- differentiation (i.e. identifying the differences between two similar pictures)
- word construction 
- completion of pictures (where only one half or part of the picture is given as a guideline)
- word and number puzzles
- coloring in, cutting out and pasting
- preliminary writing skills such as tracing out numbers and letters on wipe-clean pages

So, if you would like your child to be doing a little more of what they are learning at school in the home environment...and actually have fun in the process...why not invest regularly in age appropriate activity books??

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